Meet Samantha "Sam" Carter, a Clevelander by nature and a smart-ass by nurture. She's earning her PI chops in her brother's investigations agency with the help of her motley crew of family and friends. She keeps company with two brothers who couldn't be more different, her domestically free-spirited best friend, a Nonni who judges by the Big Book, a ridiculously delicious ex-crush who threatens to do away with the "ex", and an uncle who considers blood relations fair game in his dating world. And that only covers the two-mile radius around her.

Join Sam as she crashes through city and suburbs, trying to solve cases and keep the score at Sam-1, Bad Guys-0.

Clueless in Cleveland            Released January 2017

Ten years ago, Samantha “Sam” Carter happily bailed on her hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. Now she’s back – against both her will and common sense. Her widowed mom is showing no sign of returning to her beloved bingo and Sam’s brother Paul has called for reinforcement. Unfortunately, “no” was one of many things Sam couldn’t say to her brother lately.

Sam quickly suspects that her mom’s grief may not be all it appears, but gets side-tracked when her menial work at Paul’s investigations agency turns into a hunt for a client’s missing wife, Tracy. Sam discovers she has an old connection to Tracy, but will it help Sam find her or land her in a trap she can’t escape?

Supposedly helping Sam in her hunt for Tracy is Johnny Rosato, another complication from her past. Sam's emotions are mixed, but her lower half has a strong opinion.

An ancient and unfinished crush, a secretive mother, an aiding and abetting best friend, a hot cop, a handsy uncle, and a living garden gnome all compete to distract Sam as she stumbles down a distorted path. Can she find Tracy? And will childhood tentacles suck her back in for good?

Conned in Cleveland             Released April 2018

Tourists and locals alike join in scavenger hunts throughout Cleveland, seeking out clues while learning the city's history. Somebody new has decided to play, and not by the rules. The Carter Agency picks up the case and when Sam and Paul join the hunt they find an extra clue clutched in the hunt leader's hand. His very dead hand.

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