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Clueless in Cleveland - A Sam Carter Mystery

Ten years ago, Samantha “Sam” Carter bailed on her hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. Now she’s back − a return less anticipated than a Browns' Super Bowl win − to help her mom out of a funk. Sam heard it was bad, but now Mom's blowing off bingo?

Sam begins to suspect that her mom’s depression may not be all it appears, but she gets side-tracked when her investigator brother Paul tosses her into a case. They’re on the hunt for a client’s missing wife, Tracy. Sam discovers she has an old connection to Tracy, but will that help Sam find her, or will it land her in a trap she can’t escape?

Shadowing Sam in her hunt is Johnny Rosato, a warmer complication from her past. Sam's emotions are mixed, but her lower half has a strong opinion.

An ancient and unfinished crush, a secretive mother, an aiding and abetting best friend, a hot cop, a pushy uncle, and a living garden gnome all compete to distract Sam as she stumbles down a distorted path.

Can she find Tracy? And will childhood ties suck her back in for good?